Andrew Pancholi

Founder, Cycles Analysis

  • Andrew Pancholi is a world-renowned trading expert specialising in market timing.

  • Board Member of The Foundation Of The Study Of Cycles

  • Called the 2020 Stock Market Crash citing the date of the top to the day

  • Called the major commodity bull markets of 2008 and 2010 and many other events. 

  • Forewarned readers of a major pandemic by explaining the 100 Year Cycles

  • Gained his expertise by the lifelong study and development of the strategies and theories created by some of the trading industries greatest names such as W D Gann, Edward Dewey and Ralph Elliot (Elliot Wave). 

  • Author of the book W.D.Gann's Unpublished Coffee Course.

  • Co-Author of the Number 1 bestselling book Zero Hour.

  • Featured Contributor to Traders World Magazine, FXStreet, Real Vision and many other financial publications.

Are You Ready To Take Advantage Of The Most Critical Time Period Of Our Generation?

From The Desk Of,

Andrew Pancholi,

London, UK


Hi, this is Andrew Pancholi.


Investopedia says that one of the biggest drawbacks traders face is failing to recognize that markets are cyclical, or even if they do understand that, they fail to recognize where they are at in a market cycle.


After studying cycles for 30+ years, I find myself in an unique position to be able to demystify cycles & equip you with the same knowledge that a very small number of the largest hedge funds have access to - which most average traders don't even know about.


(How would I know this? Because several of them have been my clients)


By the end of this short course, you will be able to understand:


💡How cycles work


💡How some of the largest hedge funds and private investors in the world were able to understand the inevitability of events like the 2008 global financial event, the collapse of the EURUSD and the present situation that's unfolding.


💡Why we are in a critical time period - major cycles are on the way. And how YOU can take advantage of it.



So go ahead and sign up today - it's free! I have presented live seminars where people have paid 5 figures per head to get the same information you're about to receive - but I'm giving it away free today so that more people can raise their game and take advantage of the most critical time period of our generation.


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